Incurred Cost Proposal Submissions

For companies operating under cost type contracts, government agencies require an annual fiscal year audit to determine the over/under run of each cost type contract.

DCAA Systems Solutions helps contractors capture all allowable costs that may be claimed for reimbursement in the prescribed format consistent with FAR requirements, thus relieving the risk of DCAA auditing problems or issues. DSS ensures preparation of the following required schedules and an explanation of accounting requirements as required, facilitating the successful completion of an Incurred Cost Proposal.

  • Preparation/adequacy of each schedule
  • Determine cost over/under run of each cost type contract/grant
  • Review the accuracy of your accountings fiscal year close
  • Audit/classify allowable/unallowable costs
  • Actual indirect rate calculation
  • Cost mgmt reports/job cost adjusted to actual indirect rates
  • Contract briefs
  • Review adequacy of claim before submitting to the DCAA

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