DCAA Accounting Training

DSS offers DCAA accounting training designed to provide your team with the knowledge necessary to comply with DCAA regulations and requirements and maintain a compliant set of books.

Our one-on-one, hands-on training classes are customized to your specific accounting environment, and when possible the course will make use of your own data to ensure your team can effectively apply the principles being taught. Both are offered on-site at your office, off-site at ours, or even via online conferencing.

Gain the competitive edge with a little one-on-one training help from DCAA Systems Solutions.

In this one-day, 4-hour training class, you will learn about the DCAA and the cost accounting principles imposed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 31 on commercial organizations. You will also follow an example of how a DCAA compliant accounting system should be set up.

Course content includes:

  • Checklist used by DCAA in conducting Accounting System Reviews
  • Setting up a Chart of Accounts to segregate Direct, Indirect and Unallowable Costs
  • Job Cost Accounting
  • Indirect Cost Pools and Allocation Bases
  • Indirect Rate Computations
  • Timekeeping System and Labor Distribution Requirements
  • Unallowable Costs

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This full day class is targeted for those who are already experienced QuickBooks users. We strongly recommend taking the DCAA Cost Accounting Primer training prior to taking this class. The class outline includes:

  • How to structure your existing data in QuickBooks to be DCAA compliant, by organizing the company chart of accounts to segregate direct costs from indirect costs, organizing indirect costs into cost pools, and segregating unallowable costs.
  • How to properly set up Customers & Jobs, Employee data, Service Items and Payroll items
  • You will learn the business rules required to code transactions correctly within Time Tracking, as well as how to properly record Bills and creat Invoices. Using these rules and settings will enable you to correctly report cost and revenue by month
  • How to calculate Indirect rates from your income statement.
  • Learn how to properly enter a payroll entry to track employee time by contract and labor category.
  • This class also includes spreadsheets to compute indirect rates from the Profit and Loss Statement
  • And more!

This class is also available for Peachtree users.

Improperly maintained financial records will lead to a failing DCAA accounting system audit and could result in the termination of your government contract. Gain the competitive edge with a little one-on-one help from DCAA Systems Solutions.

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