Accounting Manual for Government Contractors

Are you new to government accounting? Maybe you have an understanding of how to use your QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting system, but are a little confused on how to process transactions for DCAA compliance?

If you are seeking a clear-cut reference guide in your accounting environment, then this comprehensive manual documenting how to use your QuickBooks or Peachtree software to maintain compliance is the tool you need.

QuickBooks and Peachtree software can in fact be manipulated to meet DCAA accounting standards, and this manual will show you how.

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This manual summarizes the information provided in your QuickBooks or Peachtree manual so that you can more quickly:

  • Properly enter data into your accounting system,
  • Enter payroll journal entries to properly allocate to internal and external jobs and cost pools
  • Obtain the desired detail job direct costs and desired indirect pool cost for calculating your indirect rates,
  • Obtaining fully burdened Job Cost Reports.

Maintaining organized and compliant books is a must; make your government accounting efforts that much easier and invest in our Accounting Manual for Government Contractors.

Get your copy now for only $500

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