Monthly DCAA Accounting Services

In government accounting DCAA compliant financials are critical. Unfortunately, the bookkeeping required can be very frustrating and time consuming. Are you seeking extra assistance in managing your books and maintaining auditing integrity? At DCAA Systems Solutions we understand that most business owners simply do not have time to manage their own DCAA-compliant accounting systems.

Our monthly services include:

  • Labor cost tracking and overview of timekeeping system and management, satisfying DCAA timekeeping requirements.
  • Comprehensive job cost reporting, satisfying government reporting requirements.
  • Indirect Cost Rate calculations and allocations with support for multiple cost centers.
  • Project billings for all government contracts, cash flow planning, and management.
  • Analysis of operations and financial reporting.
  • Structuring of chart of accounts to meet the Federal Acquisition Regulations.
  • Reconstruction of records and financial information.
  • Comprehensive financial snapshots

Our DCAA accounting services alleviate the trouble and overhead of running and managing an accounting department. Our accountants are fluent in DCAA regulations and requirements, and know the ins and outs of good government cost accounting standards. Allowing our accountants to take on your accounting needs will afford you more time to manage and grow your business.

Would you like more information on our DCAA accounting solutions? Contact DCAA Systems Solutions at 410-590-5000 today.