Mock DCAA Accounting System Audit

Are you new to government contracting and unsure where your company stands in terms of DCAA compliance? DCAA Systems Solutions offers a variety of DCAA accounting services to attend to any of your government cost accounting shortcomings. In order to distinguish your company's unique needs, our first job is to conduct a review and mock DCAA audit to assess your current situation. Our accountants are fluent in DCAA regulations, and know the ins and outs of government cost accounting standards. Therefore, once we have established the amount of assistance your financials will need, we will be able to create a plan of action to move your accounting system forward.

During the initial consultation and mock audit, we will review and reorganize:

  • Chart of accounts structure and its compliance to DCAA requirements
  • Labor cost tracking overview of timekeeping system and management
  • Job cost reporting for government reporting requirements
  • The balance sheet for compliance to general accounting standards
  • The profit and loss for segregation of direct and indirect costs
  • Review your accounting policies and procedures

Upon completion of the mock audit, the deliverable to your company will be a detailed memo highlighting all the issues with the accounts, and the corrections necessary to bring the accounting records into compliance. The mock audit will not only give you a sense of where your accounting efforts stand, but also what DCAA accounting services your company will need to actually meet and maintain compliance.

Would you like more information on our DCAA mock audits? Contact DCAA Systems Solutions at 410-590-5000 today.