Accounting Solutions

A vast majority of business owners simply do not have the time to manage their own accounting and bookkeeping systems. Managing your own books with little or no experience can be costly and disastrous, particularly if you are a government contractor and you must soon face the reality of a DCAA audit.

That is where DCAA Systems Solutions comes into play. We have the knowledge of DCAA requirements and experience with government contractor accounting necessary to provide your company with any of your financial record keeping needs, saving you the time and stress of doing so in house. Our accounting and bookkeeping professionals can provide your company with a single source accounting system that is DCAA compliant, convenient, organized, and consistent.

Our accountants are well versed in both the QuickBooks and Peachtree applications, as well as governmentcost accounting regulations. Let us help you decide which program is more appropriate for your business, and begin the set up or maintenance of your DCAA-compliant accounting system. Our accountants will then update your books on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and ensure they are DCAA compliant.

Our accounting solutions include:

  • Monthly, Full-Charge DCAA Accounting Services
  • DCAA Consulting & CFO Support Services
  • Mock DCAA Accounting System Audits
  • DCAA-enhanced QuickBooks & Peachtree Training
  • Rate Calculations and Cost Pool Configurations
  • QuickBooks Implementation
  • Payroll Integration

Why choose DSS?

  • We offer so much more than just a list of services.
    • We have a unique solution for small government contractors that connects QuickBooks with a DCAA-compliant web-based timesheet and a 3rd party rate and allocation tool to allow for all the reporting and tracking an organization would require.
  • We are experts at making QuickBooks DCAA compliant!
    • We have the knowledge and experience needed to configure and streamline QuickBooks so that it complies with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 31 and satisfies the audit requirements of the Defense Contract Audit Agency.
  • We've managed audits with DCAA and assisted in rate build-ups and DCAA reporting.
  • We bring peace of mind. We update your financials regularly, take care of your payroll and labor distributions, make sure your financials are properly segregated, address your DCAA audit inquiries and make your life just a little bit easier so you can focus on growing your business.

With DSS there is no need to stress over any of your company's finances.