CEO Profile

Veronica Eyenga

Veronica Eyenga
B.S. University of Maryland
Business Finance

Veronica offers 20 years of B2B experience in marketing and accounting for companies in the technology and construction industries. Over the course of her career she has served in strategic planning, creative and account management roles, as well as held senior accountant roles for dozens of technology and construction firms.

Since starting DSS, Veronica has been responsible for all facets of operational management and new client acquisition. She oversees all marketing functions as a Chief Strategist and oversees all accounting functions as a Sr. Controller.

A communications generalist by choice, Veronica refuses to isolate or limit her work to one industry or category, choosing instead to work with companies, brands and products that she finds intellectually stimulating, exciting and challenging. She strongly believes that a diverse client base and experience leads to fresh, original and creative big-idea development.

She can often be seen burning the midnight oil as she sends out email tasks to clients and employees at the wee hours of the morning. Forever strapped to her iPhone, Veronica makes it easy for clients and employees to stay connected to her. This allows her to help oversee project details and keep everyone on their toes. A solid, dependable leader, rich in experience and knowledge, Veronica is the driving force at DCAA Systems Solutions.